You wouldn’t go into the harsh midday sun without sunscreen on, so why would you do that to your car, one of the most expensive and prized possessions you will ever own? Have you ever wondered why some older cars are shiny and showroom perfect but some newer cars have faded, blotchy or dull paint? It’s all down to paint protection.

Keep your car looking like new and preserve its value by protecting the paint. Paint is porous, so not only can the sun damage and fade your paint, pollutants like bird droppings, pollen and dirt will stain it over time. Our premium products are designed to protect your car from wear and tear caused by these everyday menaces.

Our paint protection gives your paint a harder finish so it repels dirt, stays cleaner for longer, and is resistant to chemical etching. Protecting your car’s paint will improve its resale value, and who doesn’t want that?

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